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Monday, March 25, 2013

Can I get some Amazeballs with a side of Awesomesauce please?

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! This post has been kicking my ass until now. Sobriety decided to bring along a little friend called writers block and the gears in my brain were not turning. But if you give this lightweight 1 strong Rum 'n' Coke she's singing sailor songs around the house, mimicking her dog, and ready to blog her ass off. Oh the ramblings of a drunken pirate! I heard one time to write when you're drunk and edit when you're sober....well intoxicated or not this post will be published and in the end I hope you are entertained and learned about some awesome people and the music they make. 

If you didn't make it Saturday then you missed a really sweet show! Everyone was amazing and brought something new to the table. Unlike that last Lakeshore Lanes show that I reviewed there was no drama and nothing but good vibes and awesome music flowing about. I was really happy to see the crowd so involved in the performances this time. 
Here's the run down!

DeadMics- Rap really isn't my thing and I only listen to it on rare occasions. I don't hate it and I don't love it, I'm just kind of indifferent to it. I do respect people that do it well though because I can hardly speak at a normal speed without stumbling over my words let alone do it quickly and stay on time. We've all seen and heard plenty of shitty wannabe "white boy rappers" but this guy is definitely not in that category. I heard that he was good from a few people before I went to the show so I was curious to see what was up. Honestly you would never expect that this guy can flow like he does. He's not flashy and gives a "no frills" performance. That's nowhere near a bad thing either (in case someone wants to misunderstand or turn my words around). I think it's awesome when someone can just get up there and let what they do speak for itself. He started off by saying "Uh, I don't do introductions....I just rap...bad ass". And he did just that. This isn't cliche "fuck bitches, get money" kinda rap. There is definitely meaning in the words and I think people can really relate to what he's saying. In the end this guy is just beat after beat of lyrical meat! <<< Yeah I'll leave the rapping to this guy and stick to song writing and my keyboard, but hey I tried.
Check him out here!


Apophis- Ahhh! I've got a hardcore music crush on these guys. I love going to shows and finding new bands to fall in love with. I listened to these guys on facebook when I was doing pre-show research and found myself crossing my fingers and hoping that these guys could keep their shit together through a live show. I've seen more than my fair share of hardcore and progressive metal bands that are overly confident and when it comes to playing live timing goes out the window and it ends up sounding like they are banging on metal trash cans with horrible screeching feedback. These guys put those metal wannabes to shame! The recordings that I listened to did not prepare me for the awesomeness that was about to slap me in the face. These guys know what they are doing and are one of those bands that just sound better live. That quality is hard to come by in the mainstream music world let alone in the local music realm. I highly recommend that all my fellow metal heads check these guys out and if you get the chance to see them live DO IT! The drums, the guitar solos, the vocals, everything about it is on point and drool worthy!
Linkity linkity link that shit!


Deadlite Redemption- These guys are definitely loved around here. They put on a great performance and hyped up the crowd like crazy. I would classify them as a hard rock band but you can also tell that there are some metal influences to their music and I love that shit. I've know of them for a while but haven't had the opportunity to see them until now and I'm so happy I did. Their music urges you to head bang your heart out and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. After smoking a cigarette while they were setting up I came back in to see all their eager fans creating a barrier around the set and they weren't even playing yet. I had to squeeze my way to the center to get a better look and when they started to play it was as if there was an unspoken command that told everyone "Let the hair whipping commence!" and that was exactly what happened. You can't help but to thrash around a little bit when you hear them. Apophis and Deadlite Redemption are definitely music to mosh to. We tried to get something going during both of their sets and I think it would have happened but the place was packed and there wasn't enough space to circle out. I love jumpin in the pit as much as the next person but it probably wasn't the best idea to help encourage one with a new septum piercing haha ouch! But oh well it was still fun after I found out it wasn't bleeding. My only regret is that I didn't get a t-shirt from them or Apophis.
Link, Like, Listen


Walking Alone- If you are looking for something a little different you should really check out this trio. They are a purely instrumental band and were a perfect close to the show. They mix peaceful ambient noise perfectly with high energy rock inspired riffs. Just when you start to get into this really cool experimental sound they are doing they blast you in the face with something harder. They have a different kind of sound that I haven't heard around here before and their performance just seemed really raw to me. There isn't a front man so your attention is just all on the music. When you see them perform you can tell they are really feeling and letting the music flow through them rather then just playing it. They play as one continuous set, there are no pauses or breaks between songs which is kind of cool because you can't completely tell where something ends and something new begins. I couldn't really see but I think at one point Sam, the bassist, used feedback and a beer bottle to get a really cool sound. I love when people get creative like that and think outside of the box. Sam was the reason I was at this show. He invited me to come see his band and I'm sooo glad that I did because they were awesome!  I love these guys and I think you will too, they are worth seeing if you get the chance!
Check 'em out!

So that's what you missed out on if you didn't/couldn't go. I strongly urge you all to support your local music scene! There is more talent right in your home town then you realize. If you really can't stand the direction that "mainstream music" has gone then help to change it by taking all this local talent to the top! Local shows are cheap and right where you live, it's not that much of a hassle to get out and go to one. It's a great way to discover new music and to make awesome friends.

I hope to see you at the next show! I give updates on where I'll be on my Facebook page so go like that shit if you want to be updated. I know some of the people that read my blog but I haven't had a chance to meet even half of you so if you see me at a show just be like "hey, I've read some of the random shit you wrote" and we can be friends haha.
Exposed In E Minor facebook page

Again, just get yourself to a show, give a local some support, and lets rock the fuck out together!

Monday, March 11, 2013

*Update* Facebook page

I just wanted to give you guys a head up that I have now created a Facebook page for this blog so click here and like muh stuff!

I'll keep it updated with the latest posts so if you aren't on my personal page you can always like the blog page and get updates on what's happening in our local music realm. I'll also post first impressions and random bullshit up there while I'm at a show so you guys can get a taste of what's coming in the official post.

I also want to thank everyone that has helped sky rocket my page views by spreading the word about what I'm doing. I honestly didn't expect anyone to want to read my random brain splooge. I have a very deep love for music, whether I'm writing it or writing about it, it's just something that moves me. I also have a ton of friends that play locally and really deserve some exposure. I thought that by starting this blog I could combine my two loves of music and writing and along the way I could help bands gain the exposure that they deserve. So I started this as just something fun to do but I've made many different connections with other bands, readers, and all you awesome people that I meet at the shows. The most amazing part is that this blog is still very very new, all of this has happened pretty quickly and it gets me so fucking pumped to keep this going!

I've got 2 maybe 3 shows lined up for the end of this month (that's at least 12 bands featured! sweet!) so I do have a lot more coming for you guys. It's been a little bit slow at the beginning of this month on account of a killer flu, but it's getting warmer out which means that there will be a ton of music fests going on very soon!
I'm very excited to see what the future holds for this blog.

Again thank you to everyone that spread the word. (the more we all spread the word the more exposure all the featured bands get!)  Thank you to all you faithful readers, and as always I can'y wait to see you at some shows!

Oh yeah! For everyone else out there just keep in mind that everything I write is a matter of opinion. Music is very subjective. If you don't agree with what I write then honestly you don't have to read it. I welcome differing opinions and if you have something to add or something to say you can feel free to leave a comment. However, I do not welcome comments that have no ground to stand on. If you are going to take the time to comment you better be able to explain why you have that opinion. Remember that I write what I see with my own eyes. I write everything from first hand experience. I want to be a trustworthy source so I do not write gossip. If you saw something different then I did at a show then you can leave a comment but I won't include it in my original post. All I ask is that you don't bash or troll the comments section. Those comments will be deleted. So just make sure you have some ground to stand on before you type. Ignorance is not welcome here. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The only time it sucks to be "Down with the Sickness"

If you read my previous post about the Chesterton Punk/Ska show you know I was frakin psyched to review it. Well that didn't work out too well for me. I got the flu and it decided it was not going to let me get out of bed, so I was not able to go to the show.

Obviously since I was not there I won't be able to write up a review for you guys. I heard that it was a good time from other people so I still think that you should check out the bands that played that night if you weren't able to go either. ( Links at the end of the post)

This show wasn't the only the thing that I had in my review agenda though. I'll be reviewing another Lakeshore Lanes show on March 23rd! I'll be posting more details about that later. I'm pretty excited about it because even though I've heard recordings from the bands I haven't had the chance to see them live before! I always get pumped to write fresh material and meet new people.

I've been wanting to put in more band interviews into my writing mix. I had a ton of fun interviewing The Last Chance Boyz a while ago (link to that post here). I've been asked by a few readers to do more interviews and I think it gives bands and/or solo artists a chance to highlight themselves and appeal to their fans on a more personal level (plus I think they are really fun to write). So if you know a band that you want to see on here or you are a band that's down for an interview or show review you can always hit me up in the comments section, on facebook, or email me exposedineminor@gmail.com

I just wanted to let you guys know what's been happening and what you guys can expect in the future and, as always, thank you guys for reading and I hope to see you at some local shows!

Like and Listen!
 Soul Radics
 Schmitty Warheimer
 Publicity Stunt
 The Last Chance Boyz

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2nd show details! Woot Woot!

Tomorrow there's a show going on in Cheesetown at The Sound Cellar. It's a newer venue and has a couple bands that I haven't seen live yet so I'm psyched to have some new shiz to write about!

The line up includes Soul Radics, Schmitty Warheimer, The Last Chance Boyz, and Publicity Stunt. It should be a pretty sweet show if you dig Punk and Ska music. It's an all ages show and only 5 bucks! I hear that there will be some goodies to buy from Soul Radics and The Last Chance Boyz so bring ya money and help support the bands!

I'm hoping that this show goes smoothly and isn't as drama filled as last Saturday's show. In the past Chesterton's music scene has been a bit iffy so I'm really hoping that this show will be a sign that it's back on the rise.

Anyways, I'm pumped and reeeally can't wait to see Soul Radics! If you've got nothing better to do tomorrow then there's nothing to lose, it's cheap, it's all ages, and there's good music!


So come one by and enrich your life?! (I really don't know how to conclude this post)

Hope to see you there!

Give these guys a like and a listen:

Soul Radics

The Last Chance Boyz

Schmitty Warheimer

Publicity Stunt

The Sound Cellar (venue)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fight Night! Ahhh!

So the Lakeshore Lanes show on Feb. 23 was a bit crazy. The night started off with a lot of drama but luckily No Shelter and The Last Chance Boyz were able to save the night and I had a great time anyway! I'll break down the night in segments so that those of you that weren't able to be there will get the full experience anyway.

Rai Lazerc- I've seen these guys twice now and unfortunately both times I wasn't able to fully listen to them. The first time I got to the show in the middle of the last song they played. This time there was some "set interruptions".
I was standing at the bar ready to grab another beer when I saw the drummer get up and leave mid song angrily followed by the bassist. I don't really know exactly what happened. Everything that I've heard about the incident seems to be rumor and speculation so I'm not going to act like I have the facts about it. I don't know if there was a fight before the show or if they just had a wee bit too much to drink.
 I do have to give the singer a TON of credit for carrying on all by himself though. He continued on  level headed strumming and singing away even with pieces of a shattered bass littering the floor, and the drummer yelling telling everyone to fuck themselves. Even though I just got to hear him solo he sounded amazing!
The aftermath. Poor bass....
Rai Lazerc has posted on Facebook that life has gotten the better of them and they will be taking a break from live shows for a little while but will be back in the future. Hopefully they can pull it together so I can actually hear these guys soon.

Unlucky Stars: These South Bend natives seemed like they had their shit together. They had a pretty flashy set up and my first thought about them was "Hey, these guys look promising...". Well... I was wrong! The music wasn't really my style but I can recognize talent when I see it and it just wasn't there. Musically they weren't terrible and could keep decent time but I don't know what the vocalist was going for. The vocals were screechy and strained. Lyrically I classify them in what I like to call "Slut Rock". Think about the lyrics to Theory of a Dead Man's song "Bad Girlfriend" and nearly every Nickleback song. They are pointless words that happen to rhyme, void of heartfelt emotion, and written to just rile all the big tit bimbos in the crowd to hop on the nearest guys shoulders, whip their shirt off, and throw a condom at the stage.

It became clear to me that these guys are all about flash and glory of being a "rock band". They had the look of a cliche rock band down pat with their perfectly gelled messy hair, tight fit button up shirts, fedoras, and snug boot cut jeans, but how you look doesn't make you sound pretty to my ears. These guys seemed to put way too much energy into their personal look and the appearance of their set. If they would stop focusing on the flair and stop trying flirt it up with people reviewing them, they might have time to practice or write a decent song.

The singer called me out during their slot and asked "Hey kitty cat are those pictures you're taking for professional use?" I told him yes I was reviewing the show that night. As soon as I said that he kept winking at my friend and I and started to get crazier with the showy things he was doing. He even climbed on an amp and posed for a picture. I don't know if the fact that I was reviewing them and all the flirtation had any connection but I can't help but realize that right after he found out he started being all showy. Which by the way did not enhance the way they sounded or my opinion of them.

Yes, I expect to be entertained at a show but you should be entertaining the crowd as a whole not just me!

I'm going to stop and state something here and this is just my opinion. From the outside this whole crowd of hooligans that I'm a part of might seem like we live by the cliche saying of "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll". I think that some people take that mentality as a rite of passage into the rock scene. I completely disagree. This "scene" especially at a show is about the MUSIC! Everyone at these shows share at least this one thing in common. We love the music, we are there for the music, and we want to see it performed live around like minded people. So much of the rock industry has been pioneered by people that march to their own beat. That's what drew me into the music and the whole scene when I was younger. I didn't look like everyone else, I didn't write music that sounded like everyone else's, and I didn't see the world in the same way either. I loved that no matter what you were into whether you were a punk, a metalhead, a hardcore kid, or a classic rock lover you had a place somewhere in music. It's a place for the unique, the strange, and the crazy. Yes, we are loud, we get rowdy, and we think that running in a circle elbowing each other is fun. The drinking, the fighting, and the drugs are all a matter of choice and you do have the right to do those things but some people take it too far. They give my fellow headbangers a bad name.

That being said the guys from Unlucky Stars take the rock mentality to the extreme and live up to it's stereotypes. They started at least two fights in the parking lot while packing up their equipment, one of which interrupted No Shelter's slot. I also found out that they like to throw the N word about. In my eyes these guys are a bunch of racist wannabes that are under some delusion where they think they are famous enough to get away with being ass holes. If they are reading this they need to know that that was a highly unprofessional way to highlight themselves. I'm not afraid to give a bad review and reveal what you really are no matter how many times you endearingly call me kitty cat. I hope that you can get it together in the future and one day you can trash a hotel and snort coke off Pamela Anderson's fake rack.

Moving on to the highlights of the night! Shout out to No Shelter and The Last Chance Boyz! I love you guys!
No Shelter

No Shelter- This alternative metal band is based in Michigan City. They had a couple interruptions during their slot but pushed through them like they were pros. Unlucky Stars caused one of these interruptions with a beat down in the parking lot but it only caused a slight pause. No Shelter quickly picked up the song after an announcement by frustrated drummer Gunsmoke Gene. I don't have a direct quote but it was something to the effect of , "from now on tonight is about the MUSIC and if you don't like that then you can get the fuck out". There was only a few people left inside because most people had cleared out to see what drama was going down in the parking lot, so after they picked up the song singer Jose decided to drag his mic outside and try to persuade the crowd to come inside by giving them a quick serenade. At some point in time during their set (can't remember if this happened before or after the fight) the lights went out. These guys acted like nothing happened and it was amazing! You couldn't see much and the amps were temporarily down but you could feel the beat through your chest as Gene heated up on the drums and Jose yelled the lyrics at the crowd. Luckily the lights quickly got back in order and No Shelter was able to carry on and rock their hearts out. If you haven't had the opportunity to see these guys you really need to. Guitarist Frank told me before the show that they always rock their hardest whether they are putting on a small bar show or are playing in front of 500 people. They have proven that every time I've seen them and you can tell that they genuinely love what they are doing. They are a really down to earth group of guys and really appreciate their fans. They are definitely a must see if you are in the area. So get out there and you might see guitarist John looking like a dapper young lad in his shirt and tie and bassist Joe will most definitely be flailing around that burly beard!

Rockin' hard!

The Last Chance Boyz!
The Last Chance Boyz- As always these scoundrels go on last but they made it count and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. After the events of the night I was ready to skank across the floor, run into people, and drink another beer. They did not disappoint me! They had over half the people in the bar on the floor ramming into each other. You know people are having fun when you get slammed so hard in the boob that your bandanna flies right off your head! (yeah, that happened to me) The two bands sound nothing alike but I think No Shelter and The Last Chance Boyz make an awesome night when paired in the same show. I can rock out with to No Shelter and then right after that go nuts and get stupid with The Last Chance Boyz. They definitely know how to lighten a mood with their music and showmanship. I love how they don't take themselves terribly seriously. They will make fun of you and themselves at the same time and it gets the crowd involved in their shows. They are loud and they are offensive but that's their whole dynamic and I love it! It's obvious that the crowd loves it too. They had a girl so hyped up she climbed a beam and swung herself around on the rafters of the ceiling. (High five to you girly!)
 Just by knowing these guys I'm pretty sure they were all drunk (I know lead singer Jake was for sure). But being intoxicated really works for these guys. They sounded awesome that night and are really improving as a band. I got to hear the new song Masticator Masturbator when I interviewed them but it was awesome to hear it live. Jake ended the show with a writhing simulated orgasm on the floor and Tony soon joined in to have a gang bang with his guitar. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with in the future. I'm going to another one of their shows on Saturday so that should be fun. They are another must see if you're around. Just make sure you're ready to mosh your heart out and not stand in a corner because I WILL drag you into the pit!

From Left to Right: My best friend Brittany, El dios bastardos de cocaina of The Last Chance Boyz, and  Me! 

So that's it. The night was filled with ups and downs but it ended on a good note. I can't wait to see you guys at the shows!

Go like these people on Facebook and find out when the next show is!
The Last Chance Boyz

No Shelter

Rai Lazerc

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've loved Disturbed since I was a wee lass so I was highly upset when I found out that the band would be taking a break. However, I was pee my pants excited when David Draiman, frontman of Disturbed, announced that he has been working on a little side project called Device.
The trio is made up of Disturbed frontman David Draiman, Rock of Ages guitarist Virus, and Evanescence drummer Will Hunt.  Geno Lenardo, former guitarist of Filter, decided to remain a studio collaborator and will not be touring with them although he did participate in the recording of the album.

The music video premier for their first single, "Vilify" dropped yesterday and I love it! Some people have been hating on Device saying that they sound just like Disturbed....   Well no shit! David Draiman has one of the most identifiable voices in rock today. If you are listening to the song expecting him not to sound like him then you're probably delusional. Vocally the song does have a Disturbed feel to it. Disturbed's music is more hard in your face heavy rock where I think Device has a more industrial rock feel. The band is based in hard rock but they took it to a more futuristic electronica level. So yes there are similarities but if you liked Disturbed in the first place wouldn't you like this too?

Device's self titled album comes out on April 9th! I can't wait to review that for you guys too. There are tons of featured rock artist on the album too! Draiman says that he took a page from the hip hop guys out there that always have everyone and their mother featured on their album. Here's a run down of the featured artists.

Black Sabbath Bassist- Geezer Butler
System of a Down Frontman- Serj Tankian
Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave Guitarist- Tom Morello
Avenged Sevenfold Frontman- M. Shadows
Deep Purple Vocalist- Glenn Hughes 
Halestorm Frontwoman- Lzzy Hale

Again I can't wait for this star studded album! Device is also starting a tour in April and I'm hoping they're going to be near by so I can possibly review a show too. 

If you guys haven't heard "Vilify" yet you need to!  Check out these links.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hanging out with my (metaphorical) wang out!

Hey Guys! So in about a week I'm going to be reviewing a show at Lakeshore Lanes in Michigan City and I'm getting pretty pumped!
Tickets are $8.00 at the door but No Shelter and The Last Chance Boyz have pre-sale tickets for only 5 BUCKS! Yup, they're cheaper and they guarantee you entry! You don't wanna be that loser that waited too long and gets rejected at the door do ya?  There's links at the bottom of this post so that you can hit them up to get your tickets. Sorry to you youngsters but it's only 21 and up because some people need to get their drink on!   So if you're in the area get off your lazy ass and come chug some beer before The Last Chance Boyz drink the taps dry!

I'll be there reviewing No Shelter and the Last Chance Boyz sets so come on down and let's hang out with our wangs out!


See ya there!